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Artic Pest Control Inc has many features that benefit each and every customer. Our strength is in your satisfaction with our services provided to you.

Family Ownership
Every service performed by Artic Pest carries our family name and reputation. We always work hard for your complete satisfaction.

Local ownership
Artic Pest Control Inc, is a part of your local community, and is sensitive to local needs and customs. We’re not an impersonal national corporation; we’re a local business that values being a part of your everyday life.

Customer Care Center
A highly qualified staff dedicated to making sure you get service at your convenience when you call.

Fully licensed and Insured
Artic Pest Control Inc, is fully licensed on every level of government, and carries all necessary bonds and insurance. You never have to worry about the commitment of Artic Pest Service.

No unresolved complaints with regulatory agencies in the history of the company
Artic Pest Control is serious about making sure we satisfy you and live up to our commitments. If there is ever a potential problem, we solve it now, not later. In the state of Florida, pest control is regulated by the Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Artic Pest Service has no unresolved complaints and is in excellent standing with our regulatory agency.

Full time training staff directed by a certified pest operator
Every Artic Pest Service employee is highly trained. We invest a large amount of resources to give you superior results. Artic Pest Control is serious about professional development. We are dedicated to constantly improving our knowledge and skills at every level throughout our organization.

Experienced, long term employees
You always receive the benefit of years of experience and stronger commitments that come with long term relationships.

Innovative techniques and procedures, research and development
You always have the most progressive and effective products and techniques. Artic Pest Control doesn’t wait for others to innovate; we do it ourselves.



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Artic Pest Control News

Coping With Snakes

by M. Cerato and W.F. Andelt1 (5/06)
Snakes possess the following reptilian characteristics: they have scales; are ectothermic (they rely on external sources to control their body temperature); and, like most reptiles, lay eggs. Rattlesnakes, however, give birth in the autumn to five to 12 live young, each 10 inches or more in length (Klauber 1982). Contrary to its reputation of being slimy, snake skin is actually smooth and dry and will often be shed more than once each year to accommodate the growing body.

U.S. May Remove Humpbacks From List of Endangered Species

September 29, 2009 07:26 AM - R. Greenway, ENN
The U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service may remove the humpback whale from its list of endangered species, citing evidence that the species has rebounded from near extinction. Since an international ban on their whaling in 1966, populations of the north Pacific humpback have increased about 4.7 percent each year, researchers say. An estimated 18,000 to 20,000 humpbacks now exist in the north Pacific.